The perfect knot, with a toothbrush

The perfect knot, with a toothbrush

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As we know, there are books on the market dealing with different types of tie knots.

Several times I consult these books, but in the end, after several attempts, I am reduced to the two knots I like best: the simple knot and the half Windsor.

One day a very distinguished gentleman comes into the shop and asks me for a suit. During the fittings, we also talk about ties, I describe our quality, and the conversation then turns to the type of knot used.

This well-known gentleman from Milan, whom I do not mention for confidentiality's sake, tells me that he usually uses a toothbrush knot.

Stop! What did he say! How is it possible? What kind of knot is that? He answered me: don't you know this knot helps create a well-made central fold? No, I answered, not at all! Since then, I, too, have been using a toothbrush daily to tie ties.

In truth, the toothbrush is not the means to a constructive method but to ensure that, when you tighten the tie, a distinct crease is formed in the sub-knot.

A brief photographic illustration will make the execution easy to understand.

Tie the knot as you do every morning, single or double, as you prefer. When it is still loose and before any adjustment, thread the brush's handle through. Now slowly tighten the knot with both hands, keeping the toothbrush inside.

When the knot is firm, we pull the toothbrush out and enjoy the perfect knot.

Depending on the position of the toothbrush, a central fold or several folds distributed throughout the sub-knot can be achieved.

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