Ties, my passion

Ties, my passion

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My memory often takes me back to my childhood when I would explore my dad's wardrobes, searching for objects that could project my imagination into an adult and fantastic world. As my father was a nature lover, dog lover and hunter, I would often come across curious items of clothing; mackintoshes, thighcoats, and jackets designed specifically for the countryside.

While wandering around in search of curiosities, one wardrobe, in particular, was my fixed destination; the one of the ties. What a strange thing, the tie! What a peculiar male ornament without, at first glance, an explicable use. All hung up, each waiting its turn to be worn as a motif and expression of personality.

I really enjoyed both the printed silk ones and the jacquard ones depicting animal subjects, from dogs to games. At the time, I was less attracted by all the geometric patterns that I didn't really understand but which I was nevertheless very curious about.

It was from those wardrobe inspections that my passion began! As a child, I hoped for a future job that would allow me to wear a tie every day. But fate or chance, as you like, meant that my career, which began in the context of arms, landed in clothing sales, a strange fate.

The first ties that we offered to customers were those in the English taste that featured animal subjects of all kinds, from fish to ungulates to birds etc. They were of English taste because they were not to be found, or instead, it was challenging to find these subjects in the collections of Italian silk factories, while on the contrary, they were widespread in Great Britain.

Fascinating also were the regimental ties that were timeless in fashion history. They still sell well in alternate years.

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