From formal to sportsware, and back

From formal to sportsware, and back

It is with pleasure that I write about the world of fashion and clothing.

I am not an authority in the field but just a professional living in this world and experiencing it with passion for more than 30 years now. One who, by instinct, seeks quality rather than designer fashion and even snubs it a little, especially when he realises that there is no relationship between style and product.

In this article, I would like to mention the profound change that had taken place in my industry from when I started this job to today. Thirty years ago, dressing formally in suits, jackets and suits in the case of ladies was status and the norm in the professional sphere. Then gradually over the years American permissiveness (remember that in many American companies, even the most formal ones, one day of the week, if not several days, is dedicated to sportswear to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere) came to us too and slowly the strict suit was replaced initially by a suit and later by elegant sportswear.

During this period, the much-used mackintoshes or overcoats were slowly replaced by jackets, shorter and, therefore, more practical garments. The footwear sector underwent enormous transformations, passing from formal dress shoes to increasingly sporty and varied shoes which, unfortunately, in honour of fashion, are sometimes worn even with classic suits, belts were used in two, three tones of brown plus black and today if they are not multicoloured they are not purchased.

At the same time, in offices and banks, a suit or jacket is no longer a must in most activities. Hence, the trend towards increasingly widespread sportswear has become a style that is no longer as refined as it was initially but often oversteps the permitted limits by becoming negligent.

Nowadays, Italians have realised that it has gone too far and are slowly returning to clothing that seems reminiscent of the tasteful sportswear of yesteryear. I also notice this in my business with the sales of elegant sportswear that is now also preferred by young people who certainly dress more carefully than a few seasons ago.

This trend is evident, for example, in the men's jackets that a few years ago seemed to have been abandoned and now, revised as they are in their colours, fabrics and treatments, attract the attention and interest of many. Cloths that have been washed with the typical stone wash treatment are used to obtain a worn look that, at first glance, is very pleasing. Another case is the sweatshirt, which the jumper has replaced in recent seasons, perhaps revised in volume.

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